A new model SEM firm…

Today, I sold my share of McKenna-Direct back to my great buddy, Paul McKenna. It’s been a funny old time with us both being so busy that the online business was just a background thing. However, I’m paid handsomely, McKenna-Direct has a huge affiliate program now (try it, now that the downloads are going to be there for international orders).

And why I did I sell… ? Was I hypnotized? No, now that I’ve started a new company, with a huge international client in there, I just don’t have the time to do “private stuff” anymore.

I love Paul, he and I have been great friends for over 25 years now. Nothing changes there. But I need the working capital to cover the four new hires (amongst everything else) that I have to take on.

All of a sudden, life seems a little less dull than just going from airport-to-airport without knowing the final outcome!!!

I swore I’d never start a new company… But, y’know what? It’s pretty exciting!

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