My dearest friend, Ed Harwood.

February is a bad month for me. Since my buddy Ed Harwood was killed on his motorcycle a few years ago, and the fact that we shared our birthday to the minute (him being the oldest 🙂 it sends me a bit nuts because he’s not around.

In a bit of a less sober moment, I tried to post something that I’d found out of the blue. An old cassette, when it was my birthday a week or so back. And then I spent so much time trying to delete it!

Anyway, I’ll post it now.

Back in the day, when radio ran on steam, I asked Ed if he’d pretend to be a listener to one of my radio programmes so that I could get an (as live) promo (in-house advert) for my Sunday program recorded (as I’d forgotten to make it).

We started just after we came back from the pub (it was an afterthought) and thought it would take about 15 minutes… And we used cartridges for jingles and vinyl for music… Imagine!

The following day, the commercial producer found the remnant of our little drunken effort and made this tape (warning! This contains very, very strong language. Even if you are a friend, please don’t listen if you’re offended by bad language. Please, please.This is why I had to think twice about posting it. I am Irish, y’know! And before you ask… It’s 1982)

Frank from Blaydon!

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