Munich? Copenhagen? Amsterdam?

This whirlwind European tour that has Thomas Bindl and I whizzing around the place can make life a little confusing.

At the beginning of the week we met in Copenhagen (Glostrup, to be precise). We were moving so quickly there wasn’t even time to call my pal Mikkel deMib Svendsen for a swift beer.

Mid afternoon, Monday, we hurtled towards the airport to try and grab an earlier flight to Vienna. We made it. And not a single glass of wine was spilled on Thomas. The fact that he’s started sitting two rows behind me now helps a lot 🙂

When we went to reclaim our cases, we almost separated again. There were flights from Munich, Amsterdam and Copenhagen all arriving at the same time. And we were both pausing to think which one we had just arrived from!

It was evening when we checked into our hotel in downtown Vienna and I was very tired. I had a snack in my room and then hit the hay as there was a very early start the next day.

At about six a.m. I was awoken by the echoing, clanging and banging of what sounded like a construction site in my bathroom.

When I checked in, I didn’t bother opening the curtains. But when I did, expecting to see the beautiful city that is Vienna… this is what I saw…

And looking down below me, sure enough, there was my own personal building site!

And so, as I cast my view to the horizon to take get a glimpse of the real beauty of Vienna… I spotted another crane!

Fortunately, I’ve been to Vienna before. But my wife hasn’t so I’ll be back again soon. Think I’ll wait until the construction work is finished though.

Czech Republic and Poland next…

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