Another day…

The day before my brother died, I was at the eMetrics Summit in London.

First chance I’ve had this year to hang with my great pal, Jim Sterne. Me and Jim tend to bump into each other a lot as we criss-cross our way around the planet. He really is one of the smartest guys in the industry. And one of the funniest, too.

eMetrics Summit is one of the best organized conferences I get to speak at. The venues are always excellent and the catering always top notch.

Strangely enough, Jim was in Ireland speaking at a conference at the same time as I was speaking at SearchMarketingWorld2007 I mentioned the church of search thing and told him I’d be writing into my speaking contract that I needed oil paintings and chandeliers at every gig.

He must have been paying attention. eMetrics Summit was up there in the chandeliers and oil paintings realm.

Well done Jim and matt for pulling together another great conference.

I bumped into David White from Weboptimiser who seems to have changed career to movie director. He was interviewing anything that moved… me included. I popped downstairs to join Jim for a coffee, and whoosh… there was David White. You can see my completely impromptu interview here:

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