Another day… another country…

Time to get back on the road again. Life goes on and we must go on with it. So today I opened the curtains to find I was in… Warsaw, Poland.

Yes, me and my buddy Thomas Bindl are concluding our European tour after my short break. It’s back to work and back to airport lounges, flight delays, language barriers and everything else that goes to make the life of an international search marketer… er… interesting!

I switched hotels on the second night and moved into the brand new Warsaw, Hilton. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I was upgraded to a junior sweet. Very nice. Panoramic views of the city lying in bed. But then I looked down from the 25th floor… and what did I see… Yes, another construction site! Try sleeping through that.

Had to sneak a peek at the King’s palace.

And nip into the old town for a dinner of traditional Polish food. Meat, with meat, with another two layers of meat across the top and a little meat on the side…

It’s good to back on the road!

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