Sullivan pulls it off big style.

Nobody doubted for a second that Danny and Chris’ first show (SMX Advanced, Seattle) would be a success. But boy, what a winner it was!

Congratulations Danny, Chris (the other Chris) and most of all, well done Karen Deweese. Where would those guys be without you? šŸ˜‰

It was my first time in Seattle. So the first thing I did, as usual, was find a watering hole. The Sunday before the show was glorious, so a waterside bar was just the thing. This is the Fisherman’s… er… bar, or something. Anyway, Bruce, Robert and I had the most wonderful lunch there as we were seven hours early for the show set up (well, it felt like that).

Robert, by the way, is my spiritual guide to the way of all things Bruce. He has learned a lot himself from his Bruceness… But more importantly for me… he knows everybody’s name at HQ and I can hardly remember my own sometimes. He’s worth his weight in gold just for that. And speaking of Robert, here he is.

And yes… You never thought you’d see it, but here am I all Bruced up and very proud of it.

I spotted this large metal guy swinging a hammer and looking very evil outside the art museum in Seattle. Not at all sure what the heck that was about.

I have more pics but I’m sitting in the Air Canada lounge at Heathrow and my camera (and my iPod, boo-hoo!) are in the glove compartment of my car, as I just remembered. At some point I’ll post some of the other pics. But in between, as I’m planning my annual trip to Mother Russia, here’s a pic I took of the Red Square in Moscow. What’s it got to do with anything? Nothing at all. But It’s very unusual to se a pic which has the Mausoleum, St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin all in the same shot.

I’m looking forward to Moscow, again. It’s simply one of the most happening cities in the world.

Having said that, I promised myself again that this year I’d do less travelling. Between now and the middle of next week I’ll find myself in Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami and New York. Sure, that’s pulling back a bit!

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