Sex, drugs rock and… Jaron Schaechter!

No innuendo going on here. It just turns out that, my friend and client (project manager supreme with Accenture) is now blogging about Amsterdam. And Amsterdam, as we all know is famous (make that infamous) for more than just cheese 😉

Jaron has taken up something called wakeboarding. This looks hugely adventurous to someone like me, where simply waking up can sometimes be a challenge.

As Jaron is a novice blogger, he checked out quite a few other bogs for content before he started his. He made the, not so startling discovery, that a lot of blogs are full of crap. Now, we can all be responsible for a little bit of that, I’m sure. Not every post a blogger makes is going to sound like Einstein or Shakespeare on steroids. However, he (and many others in this industry) could do well to cast an eyeball or two over this little gem. Can’t say I agree with everything in there. But there’s a whole lot that I do. And it’s very well written.

Of course, now that he’s chasing some quality link data from bloggers, I think I can help. Get Lisa Barone and Andy Beal to link to you 🙂

But seriously… remember, you need good descriptive anchor text around all of your links. And I can certainly help there with a keyphrase you should be number one at Google for get the drinks in Jaron, it’s your round 🙂

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