A guaranteed number one listing at Google!

I’ve been burning up my keyboard for the past two weeks none stop writing. So I’ve had little time to read any of the latest news around the various other blogs, forums etc. So, maybe this has been covered in great detail elsewhere. But I had to just quickly break and blog this when I saw it a few minutes ago. I certainly haven’t seen this one in the States. However, it may have been the talk of the industry in the UK while I’ve been away for all I know. Still worth a mention though.

I was researching some stuff at Google UK and noticed a new little feature at the bottom of the page on many of the searches I did. I did a search for – digital cameras – to test how “universal” the feature is.

Take a look at the screenshot below at the very last item.(Click on the image to make it larger)

And now take a look at what happens when you click the plus sign.

Yes, you get to input the URL of a favourite page on the query subject, click the button and , of course, you’re taken to your Google account to log in to your personalized search. Next time you search for digital cameras, your favourite page is up top with a little marker.

I’ve written a great deal about end user data and how in search it’s mainly implicit data, but explicit would be much more useful. What a neat little way to get someone to be explicit.

Hehe! Now it is possible to guarantee a number one hit at Google 🙂

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