This is how you sell search marketing services?

This guy spams me at an old email address (twice). Sends the same to me via the enquiries form at my book site. And then…Wait for it…He posts the same thing to a personal entry on my blog… And then follows it with another post with contact details (in case I need to contact him urgently, I guess).

Hey, Kaiser. in the space of four minutes you double spam me. Triple it by using my general enquiries form (for my customers). And then invade my personal space with a sales pitch and contact details… And you really expect me to buy something from you?

Who’s business books have you been reading? The alternative version of how to win friends and influence people, by Adolf Hitler!

Spam me like that again, and I’ll fly to the Philippines and insert the rough end of a pineapple directly into your ass!

Now go learn some business etiquette.

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