One Billion Searchers!

At 4.00 PM on Monday next week I’m doing a special session in the ClickZ track called “One Billion Searchers” (a little nod in the direction of James McGregor) .

My little brother from China, Inway Ni is flying in from Xiamen. And my globe-trotting-SEO-pal, Bill hunt of Global Strategies will be joining the panel. Plus, there’ll be one other guest.

I’ll be moderating. Inway will give an overview of the search landscape in China. He’ll talk about the big search engines in China such as Baidu and Ali Baba as well as better known names in the west such as Google and Yahoo. And he’ll cover some of the tactical issues of optimizing web pages for China. It’s a big country with a lot of provinces and a lot of twists and turns in language and dialect.

Bill will talk about search marketing in China from an agency perspective. Global Strategies is now part of Neo@Ogilvy, the Ogilvy Group’s global digital and direct media company. Bill has plenty of experience with big site SEO working with clients like IBM. And he also has great insight into the Chinese search market place.

It’s a casual session with plenty of time for panel discussion and audience Q&A. So, if you’re thinking about entering the fastest developing economy on the planet, come find out what’s fact, what’s hype… What’s really happening.

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