San Jose – the missing pics…

I knew there were some other pics from SES, San Jose and found them when I was looking for something else. Isn’t that always the case!

Mike: Steven, I give you one meeelion dollars to sleep with your woman.

Steven: She was actually only going to charge you 500 bucks, but a million’s cool, thank you.

My pal Steven Riley and his beautiful partner, Lorena. Yes, they’re having a little laugh at my joke… Not really, when Lorena sees it, she will fly from her home in Brazil all the way to Newcastle, swiftly kick me in the nuts, and then fly back again.

Only joking again. Really she’s my very huggy buddy.

And on the subject of buddies…

Mike congratulates Danny on his latest driving offence and they both tally up how many points they have on their respective driving licences šŸ™‚

And here I am with my favourite companion… Yes, it’s shampoo! And with me… Jake Baillie, Jill Whalen, and yes, Steven and Lorena. I think Steven and I must have thrown at least 18 bottles of shampoo between us at the Marriott where we started and then later at the Fairmont. That’s what I like about Steven… Like me, he loves the odd glass of shampoo!

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