“Noo Yawk, Noo Yaaaawwwwkkkk…”

I spent most of last week hanging around 5th Avenue. Which was great. I was hanging out with a big-business industry friend of mine. We had the most wonderful dinner in Chelsea on Saturday night at a restaurant called Gascogne. If you’re looking for traditional French cooking in a rustic atmosphere then this is the place. And the food and service are both superb. We also got a chance to talk a lot of business. More about that in an upcoming post.

It was beautiful on Sunday in Central Park, so I went for a stroll before lunch.

I strolled past the Dakota building where John Lennon lived. Yoko saw me and shouted out the window for me to come join her for a cup of tea and a primal scream session. But I told her I was busy and that my throat was still a little sore from last time.

Something else I *always* look forward to is my special Sunday lunch gathering at the wonderful Cafe Des Artistes off Central Park. It’s kind of a traditional thing that started with me and my huge buddy Rebecca Lieb deciding a number of years ago that, we should get together for a quiet Sunday lunch. I don’t think there’s ever been less than six people at these quite Sunday lunch events!

Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without my great pal Larry Chase. He and I go way back and have corrected the world and all that is wrong with it over many a Martini in many a Manhattan haunt. At the table above are (from the right) the lovely Kendall Allen from Incognito. Next is Larry Chase and then yours truly. Next to me, the one and only Rebecca Lieb and her new guy, Steve. And joining us for the first time, my pal from way back when in the UK, Chrysi Philalithes from Miva who now lives in New York.

So who was taking the photograph? Well, it was the suave and debonair Matt McGowan of Incisive Media. And when the other suave and debonair guy arrived… Kevin Ryan that is… Not only could we get a pic of them… We could also order lunch!

It’s always nice to have someone new join the old gang. And this was the first time that Kendal had met Larry and they seemed to have a lot to talk about. That often means a contribution to Larry’s Web Digest for Marketers (let’s wait and see!).

Apart from the fact that, I was as sick as a dog last Thursday (and the Patriots lost) it was a splendid hop across the pond to set up what is likely to be a sensational start to the new year for me.

Watch this space. Cheers!

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