Google expanding sitelinks with sitesearch?

This may have been mentioned elsewhere, but I spotted something very different in a Google results set at the weekend. I was planning a trip to Scotland and had been checking trough suitable hotels in the town of Ayr on the west coast.

My first search brought back a list of ten local results at the top of the pile which was quite helpful. I then went off at a tangent doing something else and only later realized that I still hadn’t booked the hotel.

Lazy, as I am, I simply searched on the name of the hotel group at Google, to click through to the main site and then search for the Ayr hotel. What I saw really surprised me. Take a look.

I’ve seen results with up to eight sitelinks before. But I’ve never seen sitelinks with a sitesearch box combined. It’s certainly new to me.

Of course, I simply typed – scotland – in the search box and was presented with this.

It’s a list of all of their Scottish properties. I then simply clicked on the link to the Ayr property and booked a room.

Pretty neat, I think.

Staying on the subject of unusual results at Google. From time-to-time I’ve seen the error shown below on certain queries. I laughed this time though. I queried the name of a certain high profile search marketing person and got this:

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