Living in New York.

Currently I’m living in New York. I have a small apartment on West 73rd (that’s my street in the pic above) and I’m relearning lots of things I’d forgotten. Things like, how to cook; how to operate a washing machine; making the bed; using a vacuum cleaner and how to work the DVD… Fortunately, my wife is only at the end of a telephone connection 😉

One area I have no problem with is shopping. I’m generally a bit of a shopaholic (usually gadgets). And I’m very fortunate to have this wonderful market called Fairway just round the corner from me.

The subway is just 100 yards away. Every morning I get on the wrong train. And every night I do it again. Practice, they say, makes perfect.

And as you can see, I get to hang all the time with my SEW/SES pals. Last Friday, it being a day when I was desperately missing my wife, my thoughtful pal Kevin Ryan decided we should have a Russian night out. So, he and I, Matt McGowan, Kevin Heisler, my new Russian buddy Alexei and a bunch of others from ClickZ/SEW/SES rolled down to Brighton Beach.

Following the most sumptuous meal of traditional Russian favorites in a cozy restaurant… It was everybody back to Alexei’s place.

What you’re looking at above is part of his collection of Russian pilot’s helmets! And he has plenty of them. And of course, he has plenty of Vodka!

And as you’d expect at home… Plenty of other Russian stuff!

I have a vague recollection of ending up in a Manhattan night club with Matt McGowan… After which, everything went black… Until I woke up on my bed next morning still fully clothed!

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