Welcome to the new talent of the search marketing world!

It’s so wonderfully refreshing to have people come out of nowhere and embrace this seemingly mystical world of SEO.

At Acronym Media, we’re delighted to have brand new talent come to work with us. And this year, we have so many talented interns, I simply can’t get around enough to photograph and mention them all.

So, Christina Lee, sits the closest to me. She joined the marketing team at Acronym a few weeks back. And I can assure you, under the pressure that Norm Elrod and John Lee have to work under (our extraordinarily talented top tier marketing guys), she’s taking to it like a true pro.

Well done Christina. You’re doing a great job. And I think I can speak for Norm and John. You are so welcome on board.

As are all of the wonderfully enthusiastic interns who joined the company recently.

Do well all and stay. This is a great place to work 😉

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