Meet Mr Brightedge, Jim Yu.

Jim Yu is CEO of Brightedge, now recognized as one of the de facto enterprise SEO management platforms industry-wide. From a small start-upon the West Coast, Brightedge has grown rapidly and now employs over 200 people.

I sat down with Jim at Acronym for our Live On 65 feature in Tech marketing News to talk about the growth of Brightedge, the growth of Share—the industry conference produced annually by Brightedge in San Francisco—and what’s new and upcoming.

Meet Danny Sullivan | Live On 65

One of the coolest things about working at Acronym is that we’re smack, bang in the center of town on the 65th floor of the iconic Empire State Building. Apart from the great views, it means we’re just so easy to get to when we have friends and colleagues in town.

And because we do get so many visitors dropping by, we thought why not have a little video feature to introduce our guest to the TMN audience. Kind of like a fireside chat, only without the fireside. It’s a totally informal thing.

I was delighted that the first guest to join us and launch this little featurette is probably one of the best known names in the search marketing industry. Yes, it’s Danny Sullivan, founding editor of Search Engine Land, founder of SMX Conference & Expo (and of course, Search Engine Watch and SES Conference & Expo prior to that).

But more importantly, for me anyway. He’s my longtime pal. And it turns out that, almost exactly 14 years ago was when I did my first interview with Danny for the book that I was writing at the time and also a newsletter I had launched (actually, let’s call that a blog!).

So, I thought, why not? Let’s go back 14 years and see what we were talking about then. And then fast forward to see how much of it is still relevant now.

Spoiler alert…. Content… Yes, 14 years later we’re still talking content. And so we should.