Shak and Jimmy, Li and Philly… Pure coincidence that rhymed!

Hmmmm… With all this Twitter stuff and Facebook stuff going on, it’s easy to forget about this blog. In fact, if I wasn’t so dependent on it being my nearest form of confessional, I think it would have gone by now.

Sticking with allegory for a moment, I was blessed by the whirlwind visit of two search buddies I rarely get to hang with these days. Shak and Jimmy called into the Empire State Building to say hi and have a catch up. These guys always have something interesting cooking. And they can demolish shampoo in lightening strikes just like me!

They were admiring the view from our south meeting room which looks down to the financial district. Of course, when we had the picture taken, you couldn’t see the view at all as we stood in front of the window!

So, here’s a pic without us blocking the view. If you look carefully up to the top right you can see Ellis Island and Liberty Island with the statue on it. Of course, you really have to… er… know it’s there in order to appreciate that, I guess 🙂

Soooo, it was Li Evans’ birthday a couple of weeks back, so I popped down to Philadelphia to hook up and have a little party. I didn’t know until the night of the party that Li actually sang at the local karaoke bar. And I have to tell you… She’s good!!!!

Sunday morning Li came downtown (or Center City, as it is in Philly) and picked me up to look at some of the sights. Believe it or not, after such extensive travel here in the US, this was my first time that I actually stopped over in Philly and not just passed through.

Of course, had to go see the Liberty Bell (crack and all). I have no idea why I look like I’m standing in dog poo or something in this shot. Must have been just steeped in the history of all. Not that history is dog poo, if you know what I mean.

Moving on…

Got a couple of nice shots of Liberty Hall.

And then we moved on to Betsy Ross’ house. Betsy is acclaimed with having sewed the very first American flag. Some people believe that to be perfectly true… And some believe it’s dog poo… Hmmm… A lot of dog stuff in this post. Moving on…

The tour ended with a quick peek at Benjamin Franklin’s final resting place…

After which it was time for my favourite poo… shampoo, that is.

So, I treated Li to a special Sunday brunch at one of Philly’s top restaurants, The Waterworks. This was to make up for not remembering to bring her a card or a birthday present. Doh! Much Mimosa was drunk as we relaxed by the river and gazed at the Boathouses. This is a place where people keep their boats. See, I have Philly’s history off to a T already…

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