Mother Russia 2

I started a lifelong love affair with Russia years ago.

Moscow is a favourite city of mine. I travel a lot, but rarely do I come across a city as magnificent and happening as Moscow.

You may not be aware of this, but Christmas is not such a big deal in Russia. The calendar is different. So Christmas actually happens on 7 January. That being the case, new year’s eve is a huge celebration.

Father frost, a close cousin of Santa Clause pops around then. Russians celebrate new year’s eve as a mixture of what we have as Christmas in the UK, collectively with the equivalent of Guy Fawks (Independence day in the States) and any other annual reason to celebrate.

It is a time of great partying and festivities. If ever you are looking for something different to do over the holidays, believe me, this is for you!

So, for my very first time, I have switched Russian lovers and come to St Petersburg for new year. And I am at a loss to describe the grandness of this city.

Just take a look at the famous Winter Palace at night to get an indication of the splendour the city offers.

The darkened figures to the right of center are my wife and our friend Alexandra. The Winter palace and Hermitage are breathtaking. My wife and I have been invited to dinner in the finest restaurant in St Petersburg, this evening.

After this and with more time tomorrow, I will explain a Russian new year, in full.

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