Chaviar and campagne.

I did, I did actually say how much I was enjoying the night and the “chaviar and campagne”

That’s the way it came out.

But, hey, it was new year’s eve ( make that 4.00 am) in a most stunning city at a great event.

We started the night in the Canvas restaurant at the wonderful Renaissance hotel. It was Renaissance by choice, as I am a very BIG Marriott customer.

There was a seven course menu which featured Russian delights mixed with European in complete fusion. It was superb. And by that, I mean, by my own experience in many fine restaurants: superb.

Following our fine dinner, we celebrated the new year with more fine Champagne and… a very dull and sombre looking Vladamir Putin. You may think, in the US that you have a dull listless president who should keep his eyes open and his mouth shut more often. But you’ve seen nothing until you see an expert.

Of course, even now in Russia, if anyone gets wind of this article (posting) in my blog… yes, my nuts could be goners next time I go back!

We then went to the park outside of St Isaacs Cathedral for the firework display and then back to the hotel ballroom for a big band playing live swing, jazz and blues. Fantastic. More Champagne, Cuban cigars and dancing. It was classically fabulous.

Perhaps the most iconic of images from St Petersburg is the statue of Peter the Great, himself. If you can read any Russian, you will see that inscription is from Catherine the Great, dedicating it as a tribute to him.

It is wonderful to stand in the shadow of such an historic piece of sculpture. It’s also wonderful to know that, if you could see the other side of my shot, Peter is actually hiding the entrance to the Red Lion English pub which is just opposite and serves a mighty fine pint of Guinness.

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