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A few people have mentioned that my post of Friday doesn’t render properly in other browsers (I only use IE so that I can see stuff exactly the same as the highest percentage of average surfers).

Thanks Nick Wilsdon (in Russia, you lucky guy!) for letting me know. And also to Barry Welford (ex UK North Easterner) and the super delicious Kim Krause, for alerting me.

I have to say, I use the Microsoft Word utility that Blogger developed (because, I’m really, really short on time. All the time).So I don’t usually have time to hand check code. But I took a quick peek and I’m sure that xml filter isn’t cleaning up the crappy Word code.

I’ll take a more thorough look tomorrow.

But right now, there’s the final of a reality TV show with people from Coronation Street in it.

Correct, correct, correct. I’m a sad case who watches Corrie (well, when I’m in the UK, anyway!)

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