Go Seattle Seahawks!

[But first, here’s a line I will edit out after the next damn, blasted fix I have to discover to fix the shitty fix that almost fixed the other one!]

This Sunday could be a monumental day for them (Seahawks, that is). A chance to go to the Superbowl for the first time in history.

As my buddy, Rand Fishkin in Seattle, is a big fan, I have to raise a glass to him and his team to wish them best of luck, along with himself.

And no better way to do that than with a true, very expensive, single malt from my own backyard – especially as Rand paid for it!

Go Seattle Seahawks. And for anyone else who is a caring soul, pray for Newcastle United, my own team. No need to drink for them. They do enough of that themselves.

Why do you think they need prayers!

PS – By the way, I used the term having a wee Dram or two when I dropped Rand a note earlier. I have a feeling, as most coders, he may think it has something to do with computer memory. However, we used the word back with William Wallace a long time before computers were around 😉


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