Blogging from my sick bed!

I’ve been carrying a porta-studio with me recently. My new audio blog is due to start soon. I have a huge number of interviews lined up for this week. But, I brought the most horrendous cold with me from the UK to New York, last week. I thought that, by the time the conference starts, it should be gone.

However, here I am in bed feeling like shit. And my first session is today. So I’ll drag myself downstairs for it later, wheezing, sneezing, coughing and spluttering.

The studio in my hotel room will have to remain empty today, I think.

I flew to the States with my great friend and colleague, Jim Banks. He and I will be working a lot together this year. His company is being acquired by mine, which gives us a great new base in London. Not only that, Jim spent 20 years working in Hong Kong, so he knows the territory pretty well there. We’ll be opening our China base in Hong Kong later this year.

At the weekend we did some touristy things as Jim doesn’t get into New York as often as I do. And we also got caught up with friends and colleagues.

I took him down to the South Street Seaport area. I love it down there. My pal Larry Chase used to live down there, so we’d hang quite a lot in that area. Here’s Jim at Pier 17 with Wall Street behind him.

And here at Ben Benson’s steak house with the biggest cut of prime rib I’ve ever seen. There were hoof marks on the plate!

And finally, Jim in Times Square. Because Jim doesn’t have his own blog, I let him borrow mine for this post!

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