Speed pitches!

Whoops! Almost forgot about this on my travels.

My buddy Chris Ridings, in the UK, dropped me a note about a new prospecting service he’s involved in. Many people will know Chris from the white papers he’s written, in particular on PageRank and also from his SearchGuild forum.

Speed dating is nothing new these days. And the principle has been applied to sales before. But I don’t that it’s ever been tried in the SEO/SEM sector.

There’s an event coming up in London on May 18 which provides an opportunity to meet up to 30 potential suppliers and have informal meetings with 15 over a period of a couple of hours.

So, if you’re on the lookout for new suppliers/vendors, then this could be the ideal event to cut straight to the chase and no time wasting.

There’ll be speed pitches in other industry sectors too. But the SEM event is at the City Golf Bar in London, May 18th. Details here.

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