Textbook SEO – naff!

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I’m just so sick to the back teeth of having to answer questions at conferences and events that have so little to do with getting a decent rank at search engines. And I’m convinced that a lot of SEO type forums (no, not all of them) are responsible for perpetuating a lot of this nonsense.

I was having a conversation this weekend with some smart people in the industry about textbook SEO and forums. And all agreed with me when I said, there are only two types of information in SEO forums: very useful and complete crap!

It’s the trying to figure out which is which for new online marketers which is the difficult bit.

This year, I’m on a mission to eliminate any unnecessary tasks that don’t affect the ranking of a page profoundly. I mean really get rid of any of the superfluous nonsense frequently preached about meta data and well… any other such waste of time 1999 nonsense.

Of course, I only have my own data to go on. But as we have clients in the hundreds, it means that we have a lot of data to judge performance on.

It’ll be interesting to see what useful feedback I get.

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