RedEye and a new agent…

One of the events I look forward to most of all on my speaking schedule is the strictly exclusive annual RedEye workshop in London. This is an invitation only event and involves a small audience of first-class online UK marketers.

It takes place in the wonderful Oracle building in London town. This is my third year in a row. And once again, today was great. We start with a seminar and then breakout into work groups. It’s amazing just how much data about search you can release into one room by just having the right minds there.

Of course, as they were the most beautiful audience in the room… at that time… 🙂 So I had to take the pic

Well done guys, it was a real pleasure working with you today.

In passing, in London town, I happened to bump into international SEO man of mystery, Thomas Bindl. He was in the company of, perhaps, the most beautiful woman who ever ventured out of California. I was in the company of leading marketing big brain (and not to be outdone, Danish beauty) Nicholine Hayward, who’s on the verge of HUGE success with her new venture.

Little more can be said about this private meeting of minds.

However, at dinner, Thomas presented me with… She that will forever be known as… Madame Fifi le Blogdog.


Over to you Thomas…

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