Tardy blogging…

Blogging is a difficult thing. You need to have the time. And you need to have an audience. And generally speaking, for this blog, I don’t usually have either.

That said, I don’t like to let people down and a couple have asked recently if I could mention something that isn’t about me drinking Mojitos in far-flung oriental places.

Always happy to oblige (and always happy to buy the Mojitos too 😉

OK, first up as this is still bubbling away today, my buddy in air miles, Joe Morin is up to something. He’s helping a young SEO guy who is very ambitiously trying to raise the cash online to pay for an ad in the middle of the Superbowl.

Now, I know about selling pixels online and people swapping paper clips for houses… But this is very different. Now I’d be very happy to make a donation, as long as the logo for my company is also included in the ad… 🙂

Hang on… I don’t have a company… I’m unemployed 🙁

Actually, apart from anything else, I’m completely off online competitions and the like. Although this is a little different to the usual, dreary link bait scam, it seems. And if Mojoehito Morin is backing it, well it deserves some support.

Anyway, to find out more. Just pop over to Starwood Hotels number one guest to find out more.

I think Danny has blogged this (and many others) and that’s good. I’ve always had a soft spot for training and education in the SEM industry. In fact, back in the dark ages I bought www.search-engine-academy.com to start on online education initiative… and then never got around to it!

So it’s a good job that leading sheep shearer, agony aunt and SEO/SEM instructor Kalena Jordan has.

If you’re looking for a jump start into the SEM industry, here’s your qualified route.

Kal, nice to see you in my in box. It’s been a while. I thought you’d gone walkabout or something 🙂

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