Free tickets to see Bryan Adams for the friend to email me first…

Greetings from Los Angeles.

Yes, I’m back at HQ as you can tell by the Palm trees, and my wife, Tatiana, is travelling this week also (London/Moscow) so… We have great tickets (seated) for Bryan Adams at Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster.

It’s next Friday night (20th) and neither of us will be able to go. Sooo!

The very first person to email me and claim the tickets, they’re yours (they are top-end tickets). Dave and Becky are closest, I think. So drop me a note Mr and Mrs BlackHat if you’d like to go and see some old fashioned rock from a master.

But, it’s an open game. Drop me a note with your address anyone so that I can get Tatiana to mail the tickets to you. First come – first served.

“It was the summer of 69…” I’m coming back to you…” Eighteen ’til I die…” “It’s only love…” “Everything I do…” “Everywhere I go, the kids wanna rock…”