The Italian theme continues…

There’s a recurring theme for my birthday each year: Italy.

It predates this blog, but the past few years have included Venice, Milan, Rome and this year, Alghero in Sardinia.

Alghero is a beautiful old town with tiny cobbled streets…
And a wonderful Marina.

The promenade is just so totally Mediterranean and gorgeous to stroll along in the sunshine.

It’s such a laid back place and I was really able to switch off and chill out.

For my birthday, Tatiana had booked a fantastic, truly rustic Italian restaurant in one of the tiny back streets (actually, everything in Alghero is in a tiny cobbled street!).

And once again, we were blessed with beautiful sunshine and luxurious hotel (I can truly recommend the Carlos V hotel. 5 star pampering and fabulous service).

Yes, another fantastic birthday trip. Thank you again Tatiana for making it a very special time.


And one more thing… God bless the guy who invented Reactolite. One pair of specs – all you ever need. Now that’s what I call convenient!