Paul Grehan – 29 January 1954 – 31 March 2007

Yesterday we put Paul to rest. My eulogy had the entire church laughing, as I talked about him and his completely zany sense of humour. And that’s exactly how he would have wanted it. I managed to keep it together until the last minute or so, when a little tear broke through. But I didn’t crack completely.

Thank you so much to the more than two hundred people who attended the church. Paul was a very popular guy.

I will miss him very much. We were so close growing up together and into our adult lives. I took the picture above last year at a family get together in my younger brother’s house. Paul, Stephen and I loved to get together regularly (as often as we could) with our families and our mother.

However, my mother’s favourite shot of Paul was another casual picture taken years ago on holiday in Majorca. My mother, stepfather and Paul were walking down the beach and just asked a passer by to take a shot of them.

Thanks, Paul for being a great brother, friend and quite simply, a great guy.