SES New York 2009

I’ve been speaking at SES for a very long time now. And the New York show has always been a favourite (but they’re all great, of course). But this year was soooo different. First off, I walked to the event because I live about ten minutes away from the Hilton. And second… I didn’t get to pack a suitcase and go home to the UK. I’m so used to that ritual after the New York show. BooHoo! I miss my pub in the UK and it’s going to be a loooooong time before I can get back.

Anyhoo… Chin up and think of the fun lifestyle you have in New York, Grehan!

So, I moderated a few sessions. Didn’t do any panels this time.

My favourite session was the “SEO Where To Next” panel I moderated. Maybe that’s because I invented the session 😉 But it was very lively and lots and lots of great feedback. I shall be using my considerable influence to ensure that we have it again in San Jose. I think my pal Andrew Goodman is too far into his agenda to squeeze it in for the Toronto show.

Our booth was very nice again.

A little orange, with some orange effects and a little extra orange on the side.

My job on the booth is always a difficult one… As you can see 🙂

Our brave and fearless leader, Acronym CEO, Anton Konikoff supported the troops, as usual. Here he is with Global Account Director, Stephanie Hart.

Always nice to catch up with friends and colleagues at SES. And here’s my dear sweet friend Amy Labroo arriving at the booth with essential requirements… Yes, she brought the Merlot 🙂

OK got start cranking up for my annual pilgrimage to SES, Toronto.

But you west coast folks, don’t forget the fabulous eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit May 4-7 in San Jose this year. See you there!

Ten years later…

Last Thursday I quickly moved all of my stuff from my old apartment in the west village to my new apartment on the upper west side in New York… And then headed straight to the airport.

I’m back in the UK for a short stay to take in my tenth wedding anniversary, my 108th birthday and SES, London.

So, I got into the UK Friday afternoon, tipped the suitcase out… And then packed it again to head off to Paris next day.

My little surprise for Tatiana was a weekend at the very swanky Ritz Hotel. And what a fabulous, fabulous location it is for a celebration. It’s only a short 90 minute flight from Newcastle to Paris, so we arrived just in time for lunch. After checking in, we settled into the Bar Vendome for a burger and a glass of pink shampoo (or two… or three… or four…)

The Ritz, of course, has so many echoes of Princess Diana and that final, fatal night. However, respectfully, there’s not a picture nor any reference anywhere on show.

I have to say, I get around a bit, but this was such a great experience. It’s not a cheap weekend, that’s for sure. But every now and again you just have to push the boat out 🙂

To give an idea of some costs involved during our weekend:

Room per night = $900.00

Pink shampoo (per glass) = $30.00

Dom Perignon Shampoo per bottle = $350.00

Orange juice (per glass) = $15.00

Cocktails in Hemingway’s Bar (per glass) = $30.00

Cheeseburger = $50.00

Dinner = $580.00

Sunday Brunch (per person) = $155.00

Good hard shag at regular intervals = Absolutely free!

Grand Total: Worth every cent 🙂

Yes, yes, yes… It’s an absolute must. I have no real love for Paris. But this was a truly wonderful, luxurious experience. I recommend it to anybody and everybody!

Ten years ago, in 1999 this is us just after we got married.

And then ten years later…

Yes, the ravages of time will do their dirty work. But even though I’m 108 years old, there’s always the same thing thing on my mind every morning… What kind of fun can I get up to next????

Rhea Drysdale – International terrorist/Lisa Barone – International, er… lovliest/ Patrick Sexton… er… yeah, very nice guy…

It was like scene from Diehard 1 – Rhea Drysdale comes to the Empire State Building, commandeers my office and takes over the building.

At one point, I had to do a Bruce Willis and strip to my undershirt, trousers and bare feet, then scale the outside of the building to get back into my office.

Only to find that, Ms Drysdale was taking orders from the evil Rae Hoffman!

OK – I could possibly have made that up entirely…

On their way to Long Island for a little jolly, Lisa, Rhea and Pat dropped into my office for tea and scones… And then Rhea threw me out and locked the door 🙂

Great to see you guys. And please, drop by anytime!!

Oh, and Rae, you’re always welcome too 😉

Join me for a free webinar tomorrow: New Signals To Search Engines.

Tomorrow at 2.00pm EST I’ll be giving a free webinar based on my “thought paper” about future proofing your search marketing strategy.

The reason for the webinar is that, I received so many questions (plus it’s a little long so some people didn’t read all of it… Ahem!)

Anyway, if you like to come join, you’re more than welcome!

Register here!

SES, London coming up soon….

Well, the SES team are just adding some of the final touches to what promises to be the best SES, London to date.

The session grid is up and by the end of the week it should be complete.

I’m so happy what we were able to secure Matt Mason, author of The Pirate’s Dilemma as keynote speaker. His book does a great job of analyzing trends emerging from youth culture which are blurring long-established boundaries between right and wrong and unraveling some of our most basic assumptions about business, society and our collective future.

So, be sure to be at the UK’s premier search marketing event, February 17 – 20, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London. Click here to save the date.

You can register here, right now!

And on the subject of SES, here’s yours truly being interviewed at SES, Chicago. Talk about dress sense… Only I could wear a shirt that looks like it’s covered in neon bird shit 🙂


Future Proofing Your Search Marketing Strategy.

I’ve been working on something called a thought paper (as opposed to white paper). It’s a document which encapsulates some of the thoughts I’ve had about the future of search marketing. And kind of acts as a precursor to the new book due in spring 2009.

I’ve written about it today in my ClickZ column. And I’ve already received a lot of advance feedback from friends and colleagues in the industry.

Soooooo, I’d be very interested to get feedback from anyone who happens by this blog every now and again.

It’s free and you can download it here.

I hope it prompts a few thoughts of your own!