Rhea Drysdale – International terrorist/Lisa Barone – International, er… lovliest/ Patrick Sexton… er… yeah, very nice guy…

It was like scene from Diehard 1 – Rhea Drysdale comes to the Empire State Building, commandeers my office and takes over the building.

At one point, I had to do a Bruce Willis and strip to my undershirt, trousers and bare feet, then scale the outside of the building to get back into my office.

Only to find that, Ms Drysdale was taking orders from the evil Rae Hoffman!

OK – I could possibly have made that up entirely…

On their way to Long Island for a little jolly, Lisa, Rhea and Pat dropped into my office for tea and scones… And then Rhea threw me out and locked the door 🙂

Great to see you guys. And please, drop by anytime!!

Oh, and Rae, you’re always welcome too 😉

Join me for a free webinar tomorrow: New Signals To Search Engines.

Tomorrow at 2.00pm EST I’ll be giving a free webinar based on my “thought paper” about future proofing your search marketing strategy.

The reason for the webinar is that, I received so many questions (plus it’s a little long so some people didn’t read all of it… Ahem!)

Anyway, if you like to come join, you’re more than welcome!

Register here!

SES, London coming up soon….

Well, the SES team are just adding some of the final touches to what promises to be the best SES, London to date.

The session grid is up and by the end of the week it should be complete.

I’m so happy what we were able to secure Matt Mason, author of The Pirate’s Dilemma as keynote speaker. His book does a great job of analyzing trends emerging from youth culture which are blurring long-established boundaries between right and wrong and unraveling some of our most basic assumptions about business, society and our collective future.

So, be sure to be at the UK’s premier search marketing event, February 17 – 20, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London. Click here to save the date.

You can register here, right now!

And on the subject of SES, here’s yours truly being interviewed at SES, Chicago. Talk about dress sense… Only I could wear a shirt that looks like it’s covered in neon bird shit 🙂


Future Proofing Your Search Marketing Strategy.

I’ve been working on something called a thought paper (as opposed to white paper). It’s a document which encapsulates some of the thoughts I’ve had about the future of search marketing. And kind of acts as a precursor to the new book due in spring 2009.

I’ve written about it today in my ClickZ column. And I’ve already received a lot of advance feedback from friends and colleagues in the industry.

Soooooo, I’d be very interested to get feedback from anyone who happens by this blog every now and again.

It’s free and you can download it here.

I hope it prompts a few thoughts of your own!

Surrounded by babes!

I am extraordinarily lucky to be almost permanently surrounded by babes here in New York.

Is that because this is the most exciting city in the world and I’m totally irresistible? Is it my playboy lifestyle that attracts gorgeous women like moths to a flame?

Or is it that, my best pals Matt McGowan and Kevin Ryan both have totally gorgeous women in their lives and I get to hang with them all the time?

Yes, scratching your head over that one, weren’t you? Let me help out a little. I think you’ll find it’s most definitely the latter. But hey, it’s good for me. I get to squeeze in the back of a limo with them which is enormously good for my image (and ego) being the shy, retiring type that I am.

I get to walk them into a fancy French restaurant, where I immediately deposit them with their respective partners. Who, in turn, pay for their dinner.

Mission accomplished! I look like international playboy to all in view… Wallet stays intact 🙂

Ahhhh… The little perks in my life!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bianca and Rhian for doing wonders for my image (and never letting on to anyone that I’m actually older than a Dodo and probably just about as interesting!)