Congratulations to Rand and Geraldine!

The secret’s out. JP, the guy Joe Morin has been promoting for a super wedding proposal, is actually Rand Fishkin.

It didn’t quite make the Superbowl, but in the middle of Veronica Mars (a US TV show) up popped Rand with his wedding commercial proposal. And what a great job he did! (boy could have a future in TV)

He was calm, composed and yet still damn near managed to give Geraldine a heart attack!

Nip over to Joe’s place and take a look at the commercial there. And I think Geraldine’s response is there also.

And best of luck to Rand and the future Mrs Fishkin. I don’t know what Rand has planned for the wedding, but can I suggest, Geraldine, that you have a paramedic on hand just in case 🙂

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