“Welcome to the hotel California…”

Perhaps not the same hotel the Eagles sang about. But most certainly California. I have to say, I’m warming to my new second home very quickly. But I do miss my number one home and the wife, I believe, I have there. Well, she was there when I left, so I’m kind of hoping she’ll still be there when I get back.

The first thing I did was meet up with up with one of my oldest and closest friends…

And not only that, I managed to meet and corrupt a brand new friend (he was well on the way to corruption at his own speed, I should add) who just happened to be taking the Bruce Clay SEO Training Course. Yes, Redboot’s very own Simon Heseltine. Another Brit cultivating an American accent. But I could tell he was a Brit from the first minute. I think it was the way he said “hey up lad, hast thou got right time?”

Yep, very American in a Yorkshire, Lancashire, Virginia sort of way.

Simon… Get the beers in mate, it’s your round!

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