Those wonderful family days…

We had a little family get together at the weekend. I really look forward to getting together with everyone.

It’s the first time in ages that these two shady ladies were at a family gathering at the same time, for a while.

My wife Tatiana and daughter, Dasha.

I love Dasha to bits. Even though I did throw her out of the house a few months ago. She has her own place in another part of Newcastle. She’s moving to Manchester to start university there in September. It’s a good job I love Manchester (such a happening place) as I’ll be spending a lot of time travelling back and forth to see her.

By the way, commiserations to all my pals in Manchester over the sad news of Tony (Mr Madchester) Wilson’s passing. He really played a huge part in, not only the Manchester music scene, but the UK and music generally.

Anyway, Lee Odden asked me a question about my blog last week. It was part of an interview. And so I explained to him that I started the blog for my mom. She’s in her seventies so doesn’t travel as much as she used to. So I thought the blog would be a good thing for her to keep up to date with where I am on the planet.

My brother, Stephen dips in and out of the blog every now and again to see where I am. He then sends me very insulting (but very funny) emails! Anyway, I promised that I’d post this pic of me, mom and Stephen at the weekend. So here it is.

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