SES, London 2008
I’m totally knocked out about the huge number of speaker requests I’ve been getting for SES, London 2008. However, I can’t really respond to everyone with an answer unless there’s an official application.

Yes, yes, I know, some people have spoken at the event before. But we are changing the show for 2008 with a mixture of new and previously successful sessions.

Sorry about the red tape and official line. But honestly, the sooner you get on the official list, the better. And I’ll get back to you personally as soon as we’re ready to ramp up for the show.

If you want to speak at the London event (or any other SES show) please fill out the form here:

I’ve also got a very neglected SES, London group on FaceBook, which I will most likely shift over to the search engine watch forum before the show, so we can get some live dialogue going.

I have to say, so much early feedback about the show is most welcome. So remember, even if you’re not pitching for a speaker gig but attending as a delegate, you can also suggest new topics and ideas for the show.


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