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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Blood diamond... not...

Due to a slight problem with my flight booking... :-)

I think I'll stay in the UK.

Yes, I was looking forward to my first South Africa experience, but...

It means that, I'll have to sorely suffer some time at my local pub. Yes, spend the whole Sunday afternoon there. What? What?

Look, my wonderful BlackBerry Pearl takes great shots of people, er, drinking and reading the Sunday papers...

Er, clients, in particular Jaron, I do have a print out of the OpCo reports hidden inside the Sunday Times. Well, you never know who's looking, do you ;-)

I love my pub... almost as much as my wife... OK , OK, My wife's almost up there with my local pub, I mean ;-)

Here's my local - well, wouldn't you just love it?


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