Bloggin’ heck!

I’m in the beautiful Renaissance Hotel in St Petersburg, Russia. And I’m sitting here naked at my machine, except for my Ushanka. I know! It’s not a pretty thought. But we are talking about a serious time-zone difference here.

I’m going to bed, whereas, my buddy Todd (AKA Oilman) is wide awake in Vancouver, Canada.

As I sit here, naked, except for my Ushanka and a bottle of Merlot (what else?), Todd asks me if I can stick a grand in for some competition that I shouldn’t enter.

No, I’m not sure about it either! However, my other SES team-mate, SEO superstar Greg Boser says we should stick a link to dear Matt Cutts (the non www version), who’s already number one for Matt Cutts anyway (actually, number two here in Russia, but… well, it is Russia!). But I guess if he needs to be number one for Mattritude Cuttmarine, I should help?!&*$!?

So, before I mention being naked, except for my Ushanka and a bottle of Merlot one more time.. I’m in. I pledge a grand.

Just tell me who I give the grand to? Is it Matt Cutts, Greg, Todd…?

Whatever… Drop me a note when the fun begins someone.

Bedtime for one of us. And I think it’s me!

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