A grand plan for SEO.

My ClickZ column, published today, is a follow up to comments made here after my previous column was published.

Generally speaking, my message remains the same. I don’t look down my nose at smaller companies at all. I actually get very excited when I meet entrepreneurs who have vision and the desire to grow from one level to the next.

Companies which have a good product offering which can differentiate themselves in an existing marketplace, or provide new, even disruptive services to make them stand out in a crowd.

There has been some misunderstanding behind my suggestions of integrated marketing communications for smaller firms. Many think that I seem to be talking about them having to embark on huge TV and press campaigns in order to create the “search engine pull” effect.

In the forward to the excellent book I mentioned in my column, “Communities dominate brands” Coca Cola Chief Marketing Officer, Stephen C Jones, makes his own observation of the future of marketing from his time in Japan.

“…internet use soared from a few after hours office workers to a national phenomenon. We played outside the traditional marketing box with some entry level internet marketing promotions which unintentionally started a dialogue with six million consumers.

Wireless cellular technology and the internet forever changed the consumer and our approach to marketing in Japan.

And it reshaped my own mental model of how to engage in a relationship with consumers.”

We’re moving from a networked age to a connected age. To consumers who, ten years ago, were relishing the power of the internet. But the network age was static. You logged on to the internet, surfed and then went to the shopping mall to do some “touchy feely” stuff before you purchased.

But in this connected age where my Blackberry, for instance allows me to be connected 24/7 wherever I am on the planet. I have permanent access to family, friends and colleagues. And I can allow them permanent access to me.

The opportunities for everyone to tap into communities in the new connected age is there for everyone.

Exciting times, indeed!

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