But when is it blog time?

I wonder if anyone has written a book about blog discipline? I simply cannot find time during my working day to log in and disperse my thoughts.

It’s Sunday morning and I’m in my most frequent habitat: the airport lounge.

At least here, following a redeye flight back to the UK from Raleigh, North Carolina (my second home) I can catch up on private stuff.

Perhaps (says he thinking aloud) bloggers get paid for doing it and I’ve missed that completely… I wonder.

But with so much travel, so many meetings, appointments, conferences yada, yada… Finding quality blog time is difficult.

I think I’m going to contact my friend, Amanda Watlington and ask her what blogging protocol is. I mean does one blog every time one has a thought about something Or do you blog on a daily basis. Or do you do random blogging?

I think the latter is best for me, judging from my record so far. I used to say about forum posters “they must have no work to do, the amount of time they spend posting” and most of them also have blogs now.

Has anyone monetized a blog yet? I mean, does anyone actually make money or earn a living at it.

I’m in the middle of John Battelle’s excellent book “The Search” I’ve met John, he’s a very smart guy and certainly knows a thing or two about blogging. He damn near invented it, I think. But I wonder if he earns a living from it?

Certainly, many people like myself in this industry would have to use company dollars to spend time blogging. How many companies are happy with staff blogging on their time?

It’s all too much to try and figure as I’m slipping off to sleep in this armchair. In an hour from now I’ll board my flight to Newcastle and probably won’t see this blog entry until I’m back in an airport lounge again.

SES Stockholm next!

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