SES Latino, Miami.

I worry that, I’m not actually blogging. Nor am I keeping a diary for that matter. These days, everything is a retrospective look at the personal side of my life which runs along side the business.

On that subject, I’ve been asked a number of times at conferences why I don’t have a business blog, just personal. And a little light bulb appears when I tell them: Our business blog is Search Engine Lowdown and it’s edited by Garrett French. So there’s no point in us both blogging the same stuff. I have made the odd little contribution to Garrett’s company blog. And he’s made the odd personal contribution to mine.

Think about it this way. Danny Sullivan has a personal blog here and the official Search Engine Watch blog is here the content, of course, is very different on both sites. But every now and again there is a little cross-over.

So, the point is… you want to know if I was drinking San Miguel somewhere this week? Stay here. You want to know what’s happening in SEM news and events? Go here

By the way, if you’re not subscribed to Danny’s blog feed then you should be. He has some very valid opinions and observations on a lot more than just search. Whereas, I just talk about wine and beer 🙂

Okay, I understand that there’s a headline at the top screaming SESLatinoooooooo!

I got into Miami a little early… just by a day! Having travelled from Hong Kong to LA and then on to Miami, it was a very, very long journey and it was almost 11.00 pm by the time I checked in.

There was some confusion at the hotel about my booking when I arrived. But all I could say was, please give me a room or I’ll go to sleep right here on the reception counter. So a room was arranged, duly.

The following day, I woke a little later (as one does at the weekend) and rang my wife whom I hadn’t spoken to for quite some time. “What are you ding today after that gruelling journey,” she asked. I told her I’ll have a little chill and maybe work some later. “What are you doing today” I asked.

“I’m at work” she replied. What in earth was my wife doing at work on a Saturday I wondered. So I asked her. “Michael” she said (she always calls me by my Sunday name) “today is Friday.” This really threw me. So I went to the bedroom door, pulled the USA Today paper off the handle and… sure enough it was Friday’s date!

Of course, you IDIOT! You gained a day on the way – not lst one. No wonder they couldn’t check you in last night. Doh!

Jet-lag, that wonderful feeling of numbness while drifting through white fluffy clouds. It’s a little like some very powerful cigarette I smoked at…

I watched the world cup final on Lincoln Road, North Beach. This is a great street full of bars, restaurants, cafes and stores which rolls right down to the beach. Of an evening, it’s a wonderful place to stroll, take in the atmosphere and meet strangely exotic scantily clad women.

Anyway, hats off to nacho Hernandez and Stewart Quealy for pulling together a splendid little show that has HUGE potential for the future.

The show also provided an excellent opportunity to get together with Barbara Coll (I moderated a panel she was speaking on) and have dinner with her and mutual friends.

Of course, people think that because we had a little run-in some time ago that we’re mortal enemies. But that’s certainly not the way I see it. So I was surrounded at dinner by some of the finest in the SEO female contingent. What did we talk about? The fact that I was the only one without breasts, and putting together a rationale on why I should have some (too sexually explicit for repeat here).

Here’s myself, Jessie Strichiola, Barbara Coll and my big buddy, Christine Churchill.

On the final day of the show, I got together with some friends on the plaza level by the pool for a few farewell beers. Here’s (from the left) Christine Churchill, Danny Sullivan, you-know-who, Brad Geddes, Jessie Strichiola and Mr Party Animal himself, Joe Morin.

Best of luck to Nacho for the next show. I think it’s going to be huge.

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