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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Paul McKenna.

He's billed as the world's greatest hypnotist. But for me, he's one of my oldest buddies. In fact, Paul and I go back 25 years when he was just a kid and we first worked together in radio.

Back then we were both DJs working together and hanging together. That's how he started his love affair with my home city, Newcastle. He loves to come and visit. And each time I'm in London, I pop around his place.

I was in London last week so I popped into his office. We run a small business online between us. It's a good job we both have proper jobs (his putting him squarely in the multi-millionaire class, of course!) because, if we had to rely on the online business for a living, we'd both be sleeping on park benches!

It's one of those projects which has been getting off the ground for years. Little by little it's getting there. But because I'm out of the country for almost 20 weeks of each year and he's doing TV appearances all over the world... We're getting around to it!

His new TV series is the biggest audience yet, with millions tuning in each Monday evening in the UK for his "I can make you thin" show. Paul has already sold millions of hypnotherapy self-help CDs and his past three books have all been UK best sellers.

His new book (complete with CD) is "Instant Confidence" and I guarantee, like the rest it will be a best seller.

Paul's known to some pretty famous SEO types. He once whisked Jill Whalen off to dinner in a Ferrari. Had Andrew Goodman around his place for a few rooftop beers. And frequently indulges in a curry with me and my new colleague Jim Banks whose company MarketSmart Interactive just acquired.

Here's a pic of him in my local pub in Newcastle, proudly drinking the world famous brew we make here: Newcastle Brown Ale!


  • At 6:47 PM, Jill said…

    It's funny because I read somewhere recently about Paul's TV show in the UK, and I thought, "Isn't that the guy I went to dinner with in the Ferrari with Mike?"

    I know you told me he was famous, but I really had no idea just HOW famous! (Oh, I think it was DaveN's diet blog where I saw the reference to him.)


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