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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lucrative search engine marketing.

This was a one day event in London organized by Revolution magazine. My pal and former editor from my early Net Imperative days, Phil Buxton, is now editor of Revolution. So, I was cajoled into making a swift detour into the UK before heading off to China for SES Nanjing.

I was due to moderate the final session of the day which was a look at the future of search and an opportunity to question some of the leading UK experts assembled for the day.

However, it turned out that one of the speakers had to bail out at the last minute, so I was called upon to knock a quick session together on SEO. It turned out to be quite a lively session.

It also gave me an opportunity to get a few more links to this oft neglected blog with my usual photo bait.

Spot yourself in the audience?


  • At 6:01 PM, Now.Seo said…

    Looks like everyone is smiling in the picture (based on what I can see - it's kinda dark) so your presentation must have been good,


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