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Friday, November 14, 2008

Go Matt McGowan!!!

Last Sunday, my great friend Matt McGowan, beautiful Bianca and you-know-who, had brunch together. We were secretly celebrating Matt's promotion to Vice President/Publisher of ClickZ network/Search Engine Watch/Search Engine Strategies Conference series (Yikes! I think that makes him my boss, kind of... :-)

Because we knew the announcement wouldn't be made until Tuesday, we had a celebration brunch at my local bar in the west village, where we secretly told Matt the barman, about Matt's promotion. He in turn told everyone in the pub! Later, we moved on to my favourite Thai restaurant on Christopher Street, where we drank gallons of Strawberry Mojitos... And secretly told the barman we were celebrating Matt's promotion. He in turn told everyone in the restaurant.

And as if that wasn't enough celebrating, we then went on to Hudson Bar and Books. A quaint little smokers bar hidden away on a corner of Hudson Street. Here, we drank gallons of very old and very expensive whisky, smoked big cigars... And secretly told the barmaid we were celebrating Matt's promotion. She in turn told everyone else in the bar.

After that, we went back to my apartment, where I think I drunkenly called everyone we know and secretly told them about Matt's promotion.

When I came downstairs the following morning, the doorman at my apartment mentioned Matt's promotion. The girl in the laundry mentioned it. In fact... I think the driver on the subway train made a special fucking announcement about it when he saw me getting on!

Moral of the story? Get out of your head on Guinness, wine, Mojitos and rare whisky... after the press release goes out :-)


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