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Friday, December 12, 2008

Surrounded by babes!

I am extraordinarily lucky to be almost permanently surrounded by babes here in New York.

Is that because this is the most exciting city in the world and I'm totally irresistible? Is it my playboy lifestyle that attracts gorgeous women like moths to a flame?

Or is it that, my best pals Matt McGowan and Kevin Ryan both have totally gorgeous women in their lives and I get to hang with them all the time?

Yes, scratching your head over that one, weren't you? Let me help out a little. I think you'll find it's most definitely the latter. But hey, it's good for me. I get to squeeze in the back of a limo with them which is enormously good for my image (and ego) being the shy, retiring type that I am.

I get to walk them into a fancy French restaurant, where I immediately deposit them with their respective partners. Who, in turn, pay for their dinner.

Mission accomplished! I look like international playboy to all in view... Wallet stays intact :-)

Ahhhh... The little perks in my life!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bianca and Rhian for doing wonders for my image (and never letting on to anyone that I'm actually older than a Dodo and probably just about as interesting!)


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