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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rhea Drysdale - International terrorist/Lisa Barone - International, er... lovliest/ Patrick Sexton... er... yeah, very nice guy...

It was like scene from Diehard 1 - Rhea Drysdale comes to the Empire State Building, commandeers my office and takes over the building.

At one point, I had to do a Bruce Willis and strip to my undershirt, trousers and bare feet, then scale the outside of the building to get back into my office.

Only to find that, Ms Drysdale was taking orders from the evil Rae Hoffman!

OK - I could possibly have made that up entirely...

On their way to Long Island for a little jolly, Lisa, Rhea and Pat dropped into my office for tea and scones... And then Rhea threw me out and locked the door :-)

Great to see you guys. And please, drop by anytime!!

Oh, and Rae, you're always welcome too ;-)


  • At 10:48 PM, Blogger rmonkeygirl said…

    Mike, you were an amazing host, thank you for letting me squat in your office on a Friday afternoon. I owe you one and would love to see you again, but with drink in hand. If you take that apartment we'll have to visit your favorite hangout, but no strange cab rides with strangers!


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