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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ad:tech San Francisco 2006

I have this dilemma of being torn between two lovers. It's a hard one. For many years I've been having two intimate relationships and can't let either of them go. I simply cannot be monogamous. I know I should choose between one and the other, but it's so difficult.

My two favourite cities in America to visit, are Boston and San Francisco. I know I should choose one over the other as favourite, but I can't do it. But having spent last week in Boston and arriving in San Francisco this week, I've decided to live a dual life by keeping both east and west coast love affairs on the go.

I dipped back into the UK for a couple of days to empty the suitcase, wash the contents and head off again. I did a great one day workshop in London, with my friend and new partner in SEM, Jim Banks. Tuesday morning I headed off to Los Angeles for a quick meeting and then flew up to San Francisco.

It's the truth that San Francisco is a city I absolutely adore. It has such a wonderful feel. The people are so friendly and laid back. And arts, entertainment, bars, restaurants and clubs abound. Plus, of course, there's also wine country. So my wife will be flying in to join me for a weekend visit to Napa Valley. Which, as you can imagine, for "Little ole wine drinker me", I'm very much looking forward to.

My room has a wonderful view of the city from the opposite direction of downtown. So I can see over the bay and I have the Moscone Center (the conference venue) right outside my bedroom window (the building with the flags).

The exhibit opened with the usual thunderous charge this morning. And it really is HUGE this year. Figures of 8,500 are already being bandied around.

And as you can see, in usual ad:tech style, these 888 booth babes give an indication of just how low key, quiet and sedate the show is :-)


  • At 7:44 PM, Blogger Now.Seo said…

    Another great post about Ad-Tech 2006 San Francisco. I love the way you decribe your life, and the photos are great.



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