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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Matt Cutts.

He is as honest and genuine as they come. And last week, at Webmaster World, Matt Cutts and I got together and recorded a wonderfully information packed interview for a new audio project I'm working on.

I played some clips from it at ad:tech and I had a huge number of requests for copies of them. But, there's more. I needed some more information from Matt, so he was kind enough to invite me to the Googleplex to do another hour and hang with him for a little while.

I have to say, he is just the easiest guy ever to interview. So relaxed, knowledgeable and... don't be offended by this, Matt - nice! I know some people hate nice, but there's no better word for him. For those who don't know Matt, I took this pic of him right after our interview at the plex.

There are links to clips from my "Matt sessions" in my ClickZ column. I'll write more about the column on Monday when it's published. The last column received a huge amount of response. HUGE! But I have to say, I was very fucking pissed off with some of the worthless criticism it received from a bunch of snide commentators with nothing constructive to contribute. I do wish some people in this industry would just grow up.

Thank you very much to a certain "class" lady who rectified a thread which went completely wrong. And also to the moderator of same forum who wrote and apologized for his own snide comments.

I'll comment more when my ClickZ follow-up is published.


  • At 11:40 PM, Aaron Pratt said…

    I have always been a Matt Cutts fan, I also believe "SEO's" often miss all the good stuff he says. He pretty much described how todays search engines work in another interview and people were too busy trying to get info. about how to game the system, amazing and right on Mike! Good guy with a very difficult task.

    Stiring people up as you do gives me a chuckle there Mr. Grehan hehehe! ;)

  • At 4:27 AM, Lynn Terry said…

    I look forward to checking out the article and the interviews. Your info at ClickZ is always *excellent* (even if I do find their site a bit difficult to navigate). I'll keep an eye out here for the links ;-)

    Lynn Terry

  • At 4:22 AM, TopRank said…

    Hey Mike, great photos and super interview with Matt.

    Hey, I've been wondering. Are you going to pickup that combination British/southern drawl thing Andy has going on or are you sticking with what deep, British Barry White voice?


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