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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Chicago is great!

I mentioned in an earlier post just how much I adore San Francisco. It really is a joy to visit. Up there on my list of loves is Boston, also. But there's Chicago too. Now that's where my corporate headquarters are. And I love to visit. In fact, I'm in Chicago tonight. I just didn't know that I was going to be!

I missed my connection in Chicago on the way back to the UK from San Fran so I have to stay over in chi town. Big apology from American Airlines and all that - but my schedule is sooo tight as I have Jim Sterne's eMetrics summit in London all this week.

Anyway, I had a wonderful weekend in Napa Valley and feel all the more... er, tired for it!

I'll drop a little post about that later this week.

But one thing I did forget to post, was a picture I took of the first incarnation of Google. It stands in the reception area in one of the buildings and it's referred to as the "corkboard". That being due to the fact that Craig Silverstein used exactly that to hold together the many hard drives required to power Google, at that time. About 20, in total, probably :-)

I didn't realize there was a rule about not taking pictures in the lobby area. But I doubt if either I, or Matt Cutts will get into real trouble for me posting a shot of what a hard drive looked like back in 1998!

On the subject of Matt, my ClickZ article is over here. And you can hear the audio excerpts here and here.

I took my wife to see the Golden gate bridge yesterday. It was her first visit to San Fran, so it had to be done. I haven't been to the bridge for ages. It was so good to have a little "touristy" time again


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